You Can Help Save Lives!
100% of the funds raised from the Stop Heart Disease license plate are legislatively mandated to support heart disease research, education and prevention programs throughout Florida. Twenty-five dollars from registration fees of every plate sold and renewed will go to the Florida Heart Research Foundation where it will be used for heart disease:

Objective of the Plate:

  • To raise funds for heart disease research, education and prevention programs in Florida.
  • To increase awareness that heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability in our state.
  • To educate Floridians that heart disease can be prevented, stopped, and even reversed if corrective steps are taken.

Thank you to all 2013 Stop Heart Disease plate supporters!
The funds raised were well spent on the following projects:

    Research - Adams, Periodic Acceleration & Cardiac Enzymes
    Research - Shehadeh, Molecular Biology of Atherosclerosis  
    Research - Webster, Stem Cell Therapy
    Research - 2013 Researcher of the Year Award - Florida State University
    Education & Prevention - Community Screenings for Uninsured

April 18th, 2014
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